Barbara W. Green has been called an accomplished author, writing articles, books, and stories that touch people "where they live".
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A Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Barbara W. Green, M. Ed., has been in private practice for twenty five years. Read More


Barbara W. Green is a nationally recognized trainer and workshop presenter. Her experience in conducting seminars and workshops spans over 20 years
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Evangelist Barbara W. Green is licensed and ordained to preach, teach, and serve in the work of Ministry.
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Welcome to BARBARA GREEN MINISTRIES! Evangelist Barbara W. Green is an internationally recognized preacher, teacher, author and counselor. The mission of this ministry is to glorify God and help people to help themselves. This is done through the ministry of service to the triune man.
God is calling people to Himself who are willing to see one another in and through the Spirit of God. It does not matter who you are or what you look like. All that matters is that you want better for yourself. If you are down trodden, or on top of the world; poor or rich; sick or well; black or white; male or female; old or young, the question is, are you content and at peace with where you are right now? If you are not, what is keeping you from this peace? God has given us a Ministry of Reconciliation that opens doors to wellness and closes doors to discontent.

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