Evangelist Barbara W. Green is licensed and ordained to preach, teach, and serve in the work of Ministry. She is licensed to perform marriages, and marriage counseling, officiate over funerals, and execute ministerial duties in hospitals, prisons and other areas that call for inspirational and biblical services.
Reverend Charles E. Wallace, Pastor of the Oasis Christian Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, serves as the cover for Evangelist Green in ministry. Evangelist Green is the Counselor for her Church and serves on the Ministerial staff. A conductor of retreats for women, biblical trainings, seminars and workshops, Evangelist Green has ministered locally and nationally, taking the word of God to the masses in ways that are life changing.

Evangelist Green may be contacted at her office for scheduling information. Click here for the speaking form. Click on the player above to hear a snippet of her sermons. If you would like to give a donation please Click the Donation Button.