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Parent Anointing Book

A book that deals with parenting in a non-traditional way, The Parent Anointing discusses what it means to be anointed or empowered to parent, even if one has not given birth to children biologically. Based partially on her own life, Mrs. green shares detail that is Biblically based and fostered in the pain of a woman called to parent but not give birth. One reader said after having read The Parent Anointing that the book changed her life and now she knows that parenting is both a call on her life and an assignment that will preserve civilization.

 - $15.

What Lies has Satan Told You Lately?

A Classic Message Reminding us of Satan's plot and how to over come those lies with truth.$10.00 +2.00S/H.

Women Without Walls

The Message from the the Women Without Walls Conference. This will lift your spirits and encorage you to be a Woman Without Walls - $10.00 +2.00S/H.

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A Woman’s Night Out

The Message from the the Women's Night Out Conference. This will lift your spirits and encorage you - $10.00 +2.00S/H.

Healing Your Emotions

A Message teaching how to allow GOD to Heal your Emotions - $10.00 + 2.00S/H.

Weight Loss

This is a dynamic sermon that is sure to encourage your heart. - $10.00 +2.00S/H.