After some time of weaknesses, through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, I fought my way back. This was in August .In November of the same year, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I know now that when I experienced the first illness, God was preparing me for the second, even bigger one. My Mother died of complications from breast cancer when I was young and ever since I learned that I could break generational curses, I spoke that cancer would not visit me. I could not understand this. I had spoken in faith; I had believed what I spoke and I walked in what I had spoken and believed as well. But here it was, less than four months after having gone through the most painful illness of my life, I was about to tackle the "Big C". But, you must know that God is faithful! I need not tell you every detail of this fight but I will tell you this: I FOUGHT! And in the fight, God allowed me to encourage others, along the way. Through surgery, through chemotherapy, through losing my hair, through depression, through radiation, through nausea, through loss of appetite, through all of it, I AM STILL HERE! Many were encourage by my walk through the cancer. People flocked to me for encouragement; I would wear vibrant colors so that I could keep myself and others uplifted. I prayed for others and told them that because I was going through this, so they would not have to. My Father told me that the reason that I was going through the cancer was to finish what my mother had started. Her healing came in death, but mine would come in life! Hallelujah! Now I will tell my testimony in an upcoming book release, in a book, in the pulpit, in conversation, and in confronting the devil himself, as I lay hands on others. I declare that I shall live and not die; I share declare the works of the Lord; I shall do exceeding exploits for the Kingdom of God . All sickness is not unto death, Saints. God is working on your repertoire. Let Him. Confess the Word, Walk in the Word by Faith, and watch God perform miracle after miracle after miracle. There is work to do and God is not through with you yet. Give him your all for He has already given you His all- Jesus Christ. Walk in love and God's best will be yours. Cancer will not take me. Diabetes will not take me.. High blood pressure, stroke, high cholesterol or heart attack. None of these will take me. When I leave it will be God who takes me and I will be ready.When I go home to be with the Lord I will, in Jesus Name, leave nothing undone that was for me to do. I will speak as Paul spoke: I will have fought the good fight of faith and will have finished my course. What about you? God bless the work you do for the Kingdom!